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EP #31 : The Spirit of Who You Are Is the Future Economy

By July 26, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

In these times of crazy economic upheaval and gameplay, each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the redefinition of what being wealthy truly is.

What is the new definition of wealth from the perspective of a spiritual being and how can it change our future human economies? Can it be a definition and distribution of “riches” based in authenticity and sustainability? A fortune that ends the deception of who and what you truly are – source. And how much do you have inherently of this “wealth” simply because you exist?

Tapping into your vast fortune can grant you access to vast intelligence, consciousness, and love. As potential future human beings, each of us can drop the drama of the external economy game and reclaim our internal connection to the plane of all existence. An experience that is full of love for you, and everyone, right now.

May you begin to regard that level of primordial connection as your true fortune. And if so… you are never not wealthy, because you can never not be disconnected from that which makes you.

So together, in the this mediation and mindfulness program, we examine what is the definition of “true wealth” and how it may change the economy of our personal interactions as well as society itself. Where the hoarding of wealth has nothing to do with the future of humanity and a distribution of it is.

From here, “poor” is really just a state of mind that can be healed by a generosity of truth, love and spirit.

Given that we think around 10 to 50 thousand thoughts a day -we also recognize how stingy we can be with ourselves as far as encouragement and kindness goes.

The importance of having a practice is paramount. Whereby we can quality control, or even lessen the amount of, which thoughts we are choosing to entertain and repeat.

And let me remind you that you are enough. Be the real you before all conditioning. You are inherently full, infinitely so.

So future human, will this be your economy from which you live life from? Will this be your economy that you wish to found your villages upon? Will this be your economy that you wish to have working relations with others upon?

Let us know what you think of this episode, and how you have redefined wealth by connecting to what is true in yo, on the website or on our Facebook page!

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