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The Frequency : EP 9 : Enhancing Your Relationship to Existence

By July 29, 2020Podcast

Unhook yourself from the noise. And re-learn how to become silent enough to receive what is here now. Before all the creations and discussions of a humanity in distraction. End your personal hijack to get to what's real.

This daily action is your freedom to think radically different. To come up with solutions that are not in reaction to the worlds problems. But architect what you anticipate will be our best future.

And most importantly we dismantle the self imposed limitations and definitions of what a human being “is” and can “be.” So that we cease to be like animals trapped in a cage while slowly siphoned of our vital energy.

Remember: New Earth training is available for you now. Come on over to the Return to the Sacred World course. It's ready for you when you are! As in… go right now and sign up!

Sacred World

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