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The Frequency : EP 8 : Becoming the Authority of Change

By July 22, 2020Podcast

When we look at our human systems like governance, society, family, and or business. We look first to our biology. But what is our biology? It is a response, like a conversation, to an environment.

And then, we can actually see how our inner workings work by examining our outer workings. For they are a mirror. And are easy to read once you have remembered this primal language of communication. And they will give us clues as to what and how we are designed. And how we can change.

So if you want to know the new system of New Earth. You have to know yourself first. And how you operate. Because they are gonna be what you are.

And what you are will be a response, epigenetically/biologically, to a greater environment. Which is to say the systems, creations, and design of our societies will come from within you, to model and represent you. And will shape what we form into together as a united planet.

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