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The Frequency : EP 6 : Ending the Stimulation of Deception

By July 8, 2020Podcast

The only way we can move forward from this matrix or paradigm is to neutralize it. To stop being stimulated by it. And return it back to its primary parts. Like deconstructing a giant Lego set. And walking away. Yet knowing you’re still whole and contained. While you reach that next level.

In order to move forward towards New Earth, we have to completely deconstruct everything that we are invested in here in this particular paradigm. It's like: when you leave a room. You leave it all behind. You take nothing with you. And it's not a problem as you keep your energy intact and go forward.

We ultimately must set our selves free from a hyper stimulation information prison. And release ourselves into the sensual freedom of a galactic level environment. And then to adapt our senses to this expansiveness in a conscious cosmos as able bodied citizens of eternity.

To do this: watch what your mind is navigating and strategizing about and you will know if you are fighting the walls of an invisible prison of deception. Or that you exist in freedom.

And if you want further New Earth training. Come on over to the Return to the Sacred World course. It's ready for you when you are! As in… go right now and sign up!

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