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The Frequency : EP 5 : Awakening to a Great Life of Cosmic Nature

By July 1, 2020Podcast

From the dawn of our known recorded history as a species, our perception's have been hijacked. All in the name and game of ever shifting political stances and old earth societal costumes.

It's as if our collective nervous system is being managed by unseen forces. As many of our problems are manufactured millennia after millennia.

But at the same time. All the secrets to an awakened life within a conscious cosmos have been available to us. So why don't we actually take that next evolutionary step? Especially in these times of possible global extinction for all life.

We will dive into these questions in this episode. And deliver the answers in our new focused training called “Return to the Sacred World.” Link is below. It's our deep answer and response to these times of the shift.

Sacred World

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