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The Frequency : EP 4 : Exposing The Laws Of Your Core Beliefs

By June 17, 2020Podcast

Coming into the awareness that there is a “before state” to what you experience right now. Either in your inner or outer reality. That your present moment is actually an after effect of deeper energetic feminine energies. That the masculinity of your outward thoughts create and manufacture.

This is important to expose through a dedicated meditation practice. Specifically as our human world is deeply deconstructing itself right now.

Which also shows us that -before any laws of a society are written -what is there? As laws are an agreement of perception. And if we are fighting “reality” then really we're itching for a change of our perceptions and values.

Especially as this current form of the matrix is designed to siphon the high vibration energy of your pleasure. And then puritanically shame you for having desires in the first place.

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