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The Frequency : EP 16 : Pride is the Epidemic w/Guest Valentina Isis

By August 4, 2021Podcast

Depth is always the name of the game when we create these episodes.

But this week we just straight up go there across every necessary topic that is to be addressed in our current stage of the shift with astrologer, spiritual artist, and angelical channel Valentina Isis!

You can find her on Instagram at @iamvalentina111


Youtube: Astral Motivations

Show Notes:

Part 1 : [Minute 01′ 41″] : Pride is the epidemic we are all facing.

Part 2: [Minute 07′ 43″] : Coming into integrity with our social media.

Part 3: [Minute 11′ 58″] : Reclaiming the power of being human.

Part 4: [Minute 21′ 29″] : Exposing the slavery code of this realm and within the birth of artificial intelligence.

Part 5: [Minute 31′ 07″] : The sovereignty movement. Coming back to life on land.

Part 6: [Minute 44′ 40″] : Creating open blueprints of New Earth systems.

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