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The Frequency : EP 15 : Restoring Your Cosmic Biorhythms

By July 17, 2021Podcast

When we end our reaction to a civilization that's burning out of control.

We get to restore our cosmic biorhythms. And that means new skills and abilities. But how do you do that?

Show Notes:

Part 1 : [Minute 01′ 39″] : Ending our reaction to modern life and its chaos. While ending our habit to retelling the same story of our life here on and with the Earth.

Part 2: [Minute 08′ 18″] : Let's talk about a new collective vision for a unified planet. What is our next level as a Sacred Civilization?

Part 3: [Minute 17′ 51″] : Reconnecting our biology and its rhythms to the grand cosmic environment.

Part 4: [Minute 25′ 55″] : Why this podcast is here to serve the juice of the shift.

Part 5: [Minute 28′ 48″] : How fasting has recently transformed my life. Cleansing the files of our past.

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