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The Frequency : EP 14 : The Precipice of Our Greatest Destiny

By October 7, 2020Podcast

Show Notes:

Part 1 : [Minute 02′ 15″] : Walking the path of knowing yourself within a living universe. And breaking up with your past thinking.

Part 2: [Minute 08′ 30″] : Using reality as a mirror to your mindset. And guiding it to an empowered state through meditation. And not through being influenced by drama and modern media.

Part 3: [Minute 15′ 29″] : We are the precipice of greatness as a unified culture of harmony. And we will get there through this one technique.

Part 4: [Minute 20′ 06″] : Mediation Tips you never hear anywhere else. Correct posture and breath techniques. Plus historical thought liberation.

Part 5: [Minute 28′ 48″] : Remembering the task of alleviating the mystery you hold against yourself. The grand level of cleaning house individually and collectively.

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