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The Frequency : EP 13 : Migrating to the True Human Legacy Within

By September 10, 2020Podcast

If everything is like a radio station. And you change your station. Do you really think you’re still going to continue to see the world that you see now? No.

So if the World on the outside is full of control and chaos. Guess who’s tuning into that?. Guess who has a fetish for that? Or an interest to explore more of that? You do. Until you don’t.

The tone and quality of your thoughts, along with the external phenomenon experienced are emanating from energetic coordinates that you set through your core emotional agreement, perception and attention.

And as you inner-stand your divine mechanics and get your hands back on the dial of dimensional alignment. You become part of the “great migration.” The collective move to our best destiny.

Now, more than ever, will you become an empowered steward of life? To come back into harmony with the living, breathing, conscious cosmos.

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