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The Frequency : EP 11 : Dropping Your False Narrative of the World

By August 14, 2020Podcast

When we drop the description of “the world” we have to drop two descriptions. One, because what we call “the world” -is not the world. What we’re really referring to, mostly when we're complaining about things, is the human habitat.

So we first drop our description of the human habitat. As something that we have been in automatic reaction to. With all its assumptions and rules that just go on unquestioned generation after generation.

And then we drop our internal description of the actual world, the planet. Because we don’t know what it really is. We may have never even actually been there. In a raw, open and receiving state to what it wants to share with us in its truth.

So we question the perception of existence that we have been handed. And see it as the jail cell it might be. Until we open up to let it inform us of what our real form, identity and truth may be.

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