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The Frequency : EP 10 : Understanding Yourself as the Map of Creation

By August 6, 2020Podcast

You are an amazing reality birthing machine. Fields of energy that can align themselves to the coordinates and vibrations of different realms of experiences. Landscapes that exist throughout all of time. And the only thing that really holds us back is a chemical and emotional familiarity with an outdated slice of possibility.

Which could be rooted in your karma, soul contracts, or new experiences you are curious to have. So that the bigger you is growing through new levels of contrast. But the other thing to look for is if you are in a state of reaction. Rather than anticipation. Because it’s a reactionary life that will keep us hooked in its design.

So, as you do your personal work you expose where you utilize your power to diminish yourself.

Remember, you are a hyper-adaptation machine. That can align to and birth new realities through the psychic landscape chemistry of your body. And so to do this we each must open up to new models of reality. New paradigms for our planetary species. Otherwise will will just continue to relate and react to the old models and get the same lived experiences.

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