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The Frequency : EP 1 : Committing To The New Path

By May 25, 2020May 28th, 2020Podcast

Ok Shift Crew – This is the soft launch of the new podcast series called “The Frequency.” Excited for you to check it out as I still design it and get it ready to be distributed on Spotify and iTunes.

In this debut episode we really speak about committing to the new path that is fully here now in 2020. But it will take your focus to no longer dive into the chaos and drama of this pandemic moment. While establishing what matters most and sticking to it!


  • Tomas Salvage says:

    This is gold. I am hearing you say alignment and I’m alternatingly inserting alliance or cooperation, and it’s opening even more new gardens of meaning amongst your amazing words here Wes.
    Just talking earlier about all of this and I keep seeing that we are living amidst an incoherent denatured profit/ownership culture that by now has us all impulsing in directions not in alliance with or cooperating with the tangible and highly intelligent world of our direct environment. Many of our impulses were for a previous mission and must be reevaluated and calibrated to the new schema of potentials. What better time? Our entire value system is on the chopping block and with perhaps less of the burden of meeting the false expectations that the world of 3 months ago had so commanded. I really look forward to Ep2. -tomas

  • This is the next level message that we’ve been wanting to hear and that we need to integrate!
    I love The Obsidian Blade podcasts, they always have such relevant messages and practical tools and ways of taking action to really create change in our lives and our world, both individually and collectively. Not only inspiring to listen to but a catalyst for being a more evolved being in the new earth. Thank you Wes!

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