An Obsidian Blade Retreat

Know Who You Are • What You Are • And Where You Are
June 17-23, 2018

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Experience a full week of orienting your energy body to the living matrix of life while learning sacred movements to make the infinite tangible. From Yoga, to advanced guided meditation, to direct instruction on Toltec Cosmology taught by Mexica elders. This retreat is dedicated to reclaiming your full power as a creator coming back online!

Reclaiming your access to the map of life

This retreat is all about you taking a moment to really align with you. This whole week is dedicated to aligning your body, you mind and your spirit to the real authentic soul inside of you.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast, or have somehow luckily found this retreat, then you know that we all play a part in the current rapidly transforming human landscape.

Some people call this New Earth. Others the Age of Aquarius. And for the people of Maxica landscape it is the Age of the Sixth Sun.

But if we’ve been consumed with busy-ness. Life’s constant trials and tribulations. But we know in the back of our gut that we need to make a switch – but just don’t know how to do it. Then this the retreat for you.

We have to stake a claim on our own inner guidance. And have a life of focus and discipline to make this happen.

This week together is dedicated to clearing out the old and making space for the real you to arrive. And then we finish it off with practicing good daily routines to keep your inner truth aflame

What to Expect

Come to Mexico and journey to the Heavens, the Underworld and arrive back connected to New Earth with a renewed relationship to your power as a creator.

With ample time built in for self-reflection and self-care, some of the highlights of the retreat include the following:

  • Advanced meditation techniques to open the vessel of your energy body and reconnecting an open dialog with your true self
  • Deep instruction on the origins of the Toltec cosmology and its blueprint for personal enlightenment known as “blossoming” as taught by Professor Arturo Mesa. 
  • Liberate any growth blockages with one-on-one intuitive coaching with Wes
  • Learn to connect again with the living intelligence of the cosmos in a grounded tangible manner while increasing your connection to the Earth as an ally of living manifestation. 
  • Relax every evening in a sound bath of live music as performed by Soren. Who will embody in sound the teachings of that day.
  • Enjoy getting to know the valley of Malinalco, Mexico with several nature excursions to Aztec sacred sites, including the very important Temple of the Eagle “Cuauhcalli.”
  • Daily health routines of early morning yoga and breath work. Followed by in-depth mediations to clear your energy field.
  • Finish the sacred week with a traditional Aztec sweat known as a Temezcal.

What We Delivered

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Enjoy a Cleansing Temazcal Sweat

Visit the Temple of Cuauhcalli

About Your Guide & Host

Wesley Parrish is the creator and CEO of The Obsidian Blade – Tools for Empaths, a spiritual development company that specializes in transformative live events, online courses and conscious media such as his podcast show on iTunes listened to by thousands of people like you. Starting at age 18, his personal development and spiritual journey has taken him to many liberating moments within his being. Tools, perspectives and timeless wisdom that he is both proud and honored to share with you today.

Wesley’s deep skill of intuitive listening, clairvoyant insight and cheerful guidance is always dedicated to what you need next and feels right for your life. This is a great age of transformation. From the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies to the shift from the fifth sun to the sixth sun. He, like you, is here to take part in the great shift and awaken to life on New Earth.

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