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Feel supported to break free from past patterns, find your authentic voice, and launch into the next stage of the life you want to live.

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Low vibration patterns and unspoken feelings hold you back from fully living into your authentic voice and desires. A kind of energy that causes repeated frustration, pain and stress. That’s why I offer these special intuitive empathic coaching sessions for you. A restorative place to rediscover your vision and drop what leaves you drained.

How It Works

Unload in a Safe Container

Speak freely in a “judgement-Free” zone about all that is current until you feel heard and complete.

Identify Limiting Inner Dialog

Together we look at the mirror of what you are saying to yourself & offer new messages of empowerment.

Receive Intuitive Insights

As we dive in, “A-Ha” messages of relief burst forth from the intelligent cosmos through me to you.

Create Strong Boundaries

With a new mindset and goal driven blueprint, establish a personal sphere of energy that you command & control.

Establish New Positive Habits

Identify & awaken the life patterns that serve your truth and mission here on Earth.

Live Authentic Life Goals

Move forward with what speaks most true to your heart & experience a high vibrational life.


You're one phone call away from relief, inspiration and deep insight. Tangible action that moves you forward!

I’ll help you identify the goals and lifestyle that lights you up and that you want to achieve.

From your truth, I'll guide you in creating a step-by-step action plan for 1 of your goals.

From our deep dive, personal affirmations will arise just for you. And I'll share with you how to use them to build and live your goal.

Coming from my strong background in Universal Shamanism, Epigenetics and Mindfulness, we'll discuss what may have held you from accomplishing your aspirations. And how to overcome your fears and doubts.

Answers to questions related to your path of inner alignment!


Be Ready For Your Past To No Longer Determine Your Future

Healing Relationships with Self & Other

Aligning with True Life Goals

Entrepreneurial Needs & Business Hacks

Making Sense of the Intense Shifts of Earth & Humanity

Transforming Negative Self Talk

Building Good Lifestyle Habits

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Session Packages

Just buy one session at a time. No need to commit to months of coaching.

Once your payment is processed. We hop on a zoom call together at the time you chose. Each call is recorded and sent to you after the session.

Also, you get a follow up email one week later to see how you're doing and integrating what we discussed.

Concerned about integrating your new direction? Don’t worry -I’ve got you covered.

Along with your session recording I email you a 15 Page Shift Sessions Workbook PDF. It’s filled with writing prompts to declare where you’re headed.

Plus some of the best techniques to integrate your declarations into practical plans, mindsets and habits.

What Happy Clients Are Saying!

The very first session I had with Wes was ground breaking. It was a pivotal piece in a big shift I needed to move forward in my healing work. He does not hold back & is very real, which is what I needed. He really got me to focus & hone in on those hard to ask questions & complete the circle. Within that though he is a safe place to look at one's self.

Asyah London

Wes helped me to profoundly navigate, shift and reframe a very painful unhealed memory from the past. He also helped me anchor in some incredibly powerful tools to assist in rewriting a bright and magical future. I am amazed and in awe of his knowledge, balanced masculine energy, patience and wisdom.


Wes has great energy and from the first couple minutes of our first session (even as we were coordinating booking details for the session) I could tell he is filled with genuine and God-given purpose to help people on their life path. In session he is an excellent listener and he explains his techniques in a straight-forward way. He also has a very supportive and strong energy that helps me feel safe and confident as we work.

Aja Being

You are The Unbound Creator! And what we do together is tap you back into your seat of creation. Some days you may feel extremely out of power or out of touch with who you truly are. But I assure you... you are only about one thought away from moving your life in the exact direction you want!

About Me

Wes/Talon RA • Obsidian Blade

I’ve gone through a lot of pain in my life. Rejection from others. Which ended up being a deep lack of self love. The inability to follow my truth. Self deception. Knowing the move I should make and then doubting and sabotaging myself. Countless times. Having bad habits. Over eating. Not getting enough rest. Wanting to love others. But forgetting to love myself. You name it.

And through these moments of pain I’ve seized them as an opportunity to align with my deep inner truth that's always been within me. To live a life of supportive habits. To serve my purpose. And to build a healthy business of good relations in the process. And I’d love to help you do the same. Especially in this intensely powerful year of 2020!

Spiritual Intuitive Coaching with Wes Parrish | Obsidian Blade Podcast

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