Rise of the Cosmic Creator

A Weekend Masterclass to Realign with Mother Earth & Reclaim Your Full Power as a Sacred Creator

October 27-28, 2018 | Boundless B Ranch, Elizabeth Colorado

Hey Creator - Get Ready To Live Your Magic And Join Us For The Ultimate Matrix Busting Weekend!

You know that the planet is in peril. You know society is in decline. And you know that there are those who wish to keep what you feel and know to be real under control.

You experience the chaos and deception daily. And you want to do something about it. But not be totally overwhelmed by what it takes to elevate these times.

Meanwhile, you are ready to be your own boss, manifest wealth and perhaps attract that right partner.

You want to get used to having it all and doing what you want at the same time as honoring who you really are. All in a way that is mindful and conscious.

This Is The Process Of The Shift to New Earth!

Rise of the Cosmic Creator is the Ultimate Practical Shamanic Breakthrough Empowerment Weekend!

Your call to rise in courage and attract your tribe while thriving in your wisdom.

And we are here to help guide you through all the aspects of this by reintroducing the timeless and universal creative wisdom of Mother Earth.

A practice of aligning with the directions and energetic expressions of the material plane. So to not only arrive at New Earth – but become it by living as an empathic in-tune magic human being of full potential.

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Join Your Cosmic Creator Tribe To Remember:

  • How to create a conscious “New Earth’ business
  • How to directly communicate with the structure of the cosmos and the planet to manifest your desires harmoniously
  • Healing past life traumas around your true nature
  • Finding bravery in being who you are, what you are and where you are.
  • Igniting your leadership to guide yourself and others out of pain and deception into active status as a full and remembered Human Being
  • Making energetic space for your new life to arrive
  • Learning how to read, communicate and energetically interact with the six directions.
  • Reactivating your status as a Cosmic Creator for a better world.

This Is Not Just Another Manifestation Course!

If you’re sick of business as usual. Are craving for change. And want to make your intuitive, empathic spiritual nature be your full time experience here on Earth… Then this is a masterclass weekend for you to do just that! To live and design from your power within the structure of the creative universe.

Drawing from our global indigenous wisdom, we have created this course to safely guide you back to your truth. So that you end your hiding and feel brave to come forward as one who has remembered themself.

A chance at getting reacquainted with the creative infinite. AKA the map of the Cosmic Tree of Life. And your natural sober ability to traverse it in order to manifest the life and experiences you desire.

In Our Sacred Weekend Of Power Together We Will Cover:

Movement 1

Reestablishing the eco-psychological way of seeing.

Movement 2

Understanding how to connect daily with the four directions, their meaning, and the fifth direction of your heart.

Movement 3

Find and heal self worth and past life traumas associated with the separation from the great mother.

Movement 4

How to become a consensual co-creator of living dreams with the Earth.

Movement 5

How to design seeds of intention with Source.

Movement 6

Healing your absorption into the matrix and shift you from a culture of death to one of life.

Movement 7

Honoring the rise of the Divine Feminine energy and it’s balancing with the Sacred Masculine.

Movement 8

Establish what “the shift” actually is and how to make it.

Movement 9

Be trained in a powerful sacred energy movement that unites intention with creation.

Your Manifestation & Creation Process Will Never Be The Same After This!

Yes - I Am Ready To Thrive Like This!

Your Guides For This Adventure of Harmony

Myranda Bennett

Boundless Warrior

This life we live is important, we have a mission, a divine energy that pushes us to see beyond the veil.

Myranda Bennett-Thunder Medicine Owl has devoted her guide ship practice to the deep connection of the Cosmic embodiment and our Great Mother Earth.

Reverence to the creator within, she takes you on a journey to remember what medicine you bring to this time, this life.

At one time we knew the code of Universal Law and we shared it as one, across the globe…connection of truth with source.  We all have Great Work to do, we all bring a gift from Creator.

When we peel back the layers of our programing and shadows, the purest power is born.

Our medicine calls to us, and it is mirrored.  When we start to see our reflection within the mirror of Creator and our Great Mother we strip away all forces that bind us to be manipulated.

The time has come, in this new era to bring forth what we forgot.  To bring forth the ancient knowledge that we suppressed.  To bring forth the powerful healers that will change the earth.

Wesley Parrish

The Obsidian Blade

Inspired by decades of study of pre-conquest Toltec wisdom, modern universal Shamanism and a direct transmission of original creator technology retrieved from the land herself in Malinalco, Mexico during a recent year long retreat there, Wes Parrish of the Obsidian Blade has been tasked by the elementals with reintroducing you to your greater powers as a true partner of earth. As we reclaim the more expansive definition of what it means to be a Human Being.

Starting at age 18, his personal development and spiritual journey has taken him to many liberating moments within his being. Tools, perspectives and timeless wisdom that he is both proud and honored to share with you today.

He has received direct trainings from Mayan Elder Hunbatz-Men and Toltec Lineage Holder Sergio Mangña. And recently has been initiated into the Circle of the Toltec Nation by Tlahuizcalpantecutli, aka “Gorilla,” Guardian of Teotihuacan and the head of the Centro Cultural Tolteca de Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Wesley’s deep skill of intuitive listening, clairvoyant insight and cheerful guidance is always dedicated to what you need next and feels right for your life.

This is a great age of transformation. From the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies to the shift from the fifth sun to the sixth sun. He, like you, is here to take part in the great shift and awaken to life on New Earth.

Where Will This Evolutionary Training Happen?

- At The Boundless B Ranch -

Sitting in the high desert of the eastern plains of Colorado, Boundless B Ranch is 40 acres of rolling hills and over 1000 acres owned in natural sanctuary. The land is rich in yucca plant and snap dragons in the summer, all encircling the new healing Tipi.

Gourmet Meals Included

A private chef will be there over the weekend to cook up the most healthiest dishes and treats each day.

Camping Options Available

If you wish to stay the night on Saturday, there are a limited number of spots for you to set up your tent or car camp.

Hotel Booking Avaialble

Or feel free to book a hotel room in nearby Castle Rock, Colorado.

A New Earth calls for your new relationship with Her.

You may feel lost on how to do this. That there are so many options, but no real truths that you can get your hands on and make it real. But there are in-fact legitimate maps to this that have been kept safe for thousands of years.

And now those maps of your true human fortune and power are back online for you to use today. And we are here to help you remember them.

Just as Neo could “phone out” of the Matrix. So too can you tap into the real web of life and make it your ally again. To where your day-to-day life is in direct harmony with the cosmic forces and the Mother Earth herself.

This your call to build your life and attract your tribe by blossoming into your full power. To shift your attention from chaos to balance. And to once again speak the language of life to build in beauty for a New Earth.

Got Any Questions?

Feel free to drop us a line if you would like more information about this event or how we can support your cherished attendance.

Otherwise, click the link below to reserve your spot now. We will be limiting how many people can attend this event so that the magic stays intimate and potent!