5D Soul Retrieval & Empowerment Session


How would you like to get over that one past relationship that has been stealing all your joy.

Or to end a memory of a life situation that you continue to replay and relive in your now as pain.

Traumatic events in your childhood and the personality patterns that come from there. Just anything that blocks when you try to make changes in your life or manifest your true desires.



Well, let me share with you how.

I’m Wes, the Obsidian Blade, and I’ve been on a 28yr long quest to make the most esoteric knowledge out-there useable, practical and clear so that you can quickly transform your life today.

And in that time I’ve overcome many trials. From bad relationship patterns. Low self esteem and the anxiety that comes from fighting for your truth while surviving in a disconnected modern world.

But thankfully through my practice and the many teachers that I have studied with. From Mayan and Mexica elders of the Americas. To time with Tibetan llamas and Druidic Chiefs -I’ve put together a method that taps deep inner game psychology, epigenetic research and universal shamanic healing to guide you to your best empowered state as human being in the age of the shift and beyond.

And let me tell you – There’s no inner obstacle that I can’t clear. And the rush of freed up energy that comes back to me as I live in my true nature as a creator being – feels amazing.