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Hey, I’m Wes! With over 25 years experience as clarity junkie, spiritual warrior, and meditation guide, each episode I bring you mindfulness and motivation for your meditation.


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Practical insights to deconstruct your conditioned identity and transform the limited beliefs of a toxic society in transition. Literally everything that will encourage you to stop complaining, find your personal power, and be the hero of your own life.

Not to mention be totally prepared for the current shift in collective planetary consciousness. It’s exciting times and together we can cut through the chaos!

EP #14 : How Bravery and Beauty Define a Spiritual Warrior

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Ever hear the term: Spiritual Warrior? What is that? In todays’ meditation we look at what it is to be someone who is taking the time to sober up as a participant in existence itself. Being one who can see clearly why and how they are spending their energy. It’s about waking up and going to war. Not war against other people, but rather, realizing the battlegrounds that exists within yourself. Reclaim our peace and the treasure that comes with peace. Your body is a reflector to what you’re thinking. We serve in the name of beauty and co-creating an enlightened society so that all people everywhere may be free from suffering. You weren’t designed to be an eternal pain pattern! Wellness is your natural state as spirit having a human experience. Read More

EP #13 : Create More Peace Through Responsible Choices

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Let's meditate on this: Choice is a force. But, where are we coming from when we choose action in the world? And, are we suffering by those choices? We can become our own cruel masters at times. So, seek to be loving to yourself, for what you choose affects the world. As stewards of life, we must be responsible with our actions. To do no harm to others and to do no harm to self. When we observe our life, we can begin to see the patterns of our choices and whether or not they benefit our well being. From there, we can seek out and root the habit of our choices that limit life’s options. Choose more in your favor. Choice is a force to wield wisely in the name of peace and care for self and others. Be open to being surprised to what a great relationship you can have with yourself as you wield, responsibly, choice as a force. Read More

EP #12 : Arrive at Every Situation in Your Life Full and Not Empty

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Why would we even meditate? Because we need to keep our dignity in a world that’s begging us to lose our $#*! Through meditation, we want to arrive back at our natural state – which is peace and fullness. Cleaning up your mind, cleans up the world. Why are some thoughts that we hold dear more important or more magnetic than others? Rigid thinking rules our desires. Become flexible on how the life you desire is gong to arrive by removing limits how the universe can deliver it. Arriving at every situation in your lives full and not empty, like a beggar. Give yourself options in thought. Our desires will be met. Beware of the idea of who you think you are and discover the thinker. At times, you are not only not the thought, you might not even be the one who thinks a particular thought. End all your demands! And just like UPS, you gotta be home to receive the surprise package of your loving self! Read More

EP #11 : Stop Waiting on Another’s Approval to Live Powerfully Now

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No one can cause your happiness as well as your un-happiness! But when we think that someone can fulfill our self-created needs, we enter into the “waiting game.” The waiting game is another form of suffering. It’s for suckers and the warrior waits for no one. We are not alone here on Earth, but we are responsible for not setting up debilitating dependance. Liberation, and sovereignty, is indifferent to what others do. Let us not be caught up in the external actions of another to make us happy – or un-happy (cause you can be addicted to both!). Are you waiting for something outside of you to fulfill you? Better cut that out! What if instead, you operate in life as someone who is full to begin with? Sounds complete to me! No one has the power to make you what you already are – which might be everything you already need and desire. Read More

EP #10 : Meditation Is a Sweet Rebellion in the Face of the World

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Meditation is an incredible act of rebellion. It shuts down all incoming data and says; “No – I’m the one in control of what I choose to entertain.” We are looking to remember our mastery here and lead a brave life, especially when we feel overwhelmed by the power of anger. Find a calm physical space and lets’ equip ourselves with tools that help us find relief. Here, we retreat from the temptation to engage with ideas and see thoughts as options in a sea of infinite other options. Always becoming more responsible for our lives and our state of mind. Do the work and find the gold! Read More

EP #9 : Be Your Best Human Through Seeing the World Just as It Is

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The world just is. Then we add our assessment, description and judgement. Descriptions of the world are both a learned response and a lineage of karma to be burned. How can we begin to see the world and the things in it just as they are? Let us see meaning as a drug and begin to become the sober witnesses to the mechanism of our story telling. Things just are, they are neutral, but your descriptions of the world, that you wrote, can end up owning you. Like being both master and servant at the same time. Let’s find freedom in all our inherited and enforced descriptions of life. The 21st century allows us this opportune moment to be and live post survival and open up to a wider array of liberated being. Don’t limit your infinity! Read More

EP #8 How to Take No Prisoners in Your Mind

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Do we want to take the people in our mind, that we think are causing us suffering, and drag them into our future? Set your prisoners free! All people that cause us strife are actually our teachers in disguise. Beings that we must forgive and be thankful for. Unless we want to be like broken records on repeat. There are no victims. No enforcers of how you think your mind prisoners need to act. Lessons and wisdom abound in suffering, just don’t hold onto the one who delivered it. Set them free! Read More

EP #7 : See the Effects of Your Powerful Choices in the Reflections of Life

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You always get 100% of what you’re focused on. Being that which you do want and that which you don’t want. There is a mechanical structure of our lives of how people, places, and things become indicators of what we are entertaining and clearing. You are never not in power. So, begin to witness the effects of your power and climb back into the drivers seat of your sovereignty. Cause and effect. Cause and effect. Cause and effect. Get impeccable with your life and say thank you for the reflection. You are a creator. You deserve to treat yourself better. It’s an act of love! Read More

EP #6 : An Experience of Frustration Is an Opportunity for Beauty

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We hit walls in life, it’s natural. And then we get frustrated, that’s natural too. But, how long are we gonna hang out there? Today, we remember that when we’re frustrated, we want something different. We don’t have to be combative with what’s not working. To move on, we accept what is, rather than arguing with the reality of people, places, and things. Frustration is a sharpening of contrast in our life. By having contrast arrive we can we rediscover the good feeling thoughts of what we do want in an consciously intelligent and responsive universe. It’s an opportunity for more peace, and surprise, in our lives and we must take it. Let’s remind our selves that we get to feel good. What is it you want again? Yes, that feels better. No pouty babies on the throne. Only sovereigns! Read More

EP #5 : The Anger of Your past Is Your Opportunity of the Now

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We live and move through the world by parameters defined from our past experiences. Stories picked up from life. Some needed, some not needed. Yet the moments that made those stories, those operational agreements of how we move through the world, are in the past, but their sometimes toxic residue remains. The default OS of our lives causes repeat scenarios we’d rather move on from. Anger being an indicator of that happening. You want to experience your life, the one you define, not the past. Let’s get back to our place in the freedom game and dismantle those stories by rediscovering what we do want. Float your boat Captain!