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Hey, I’m Wes! With over 25 years experience as clarity junkie, spiritual warrior, and meditation guide, each episode I bring you mindfulness and motivation for your meditation.


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Practical insights to deconstruct your conditioned identity and transform the limited beliefs of a toxic society in transition. Literally everything that will encourage you to stop complaining, find your personal power, and be the hero of your own life.

Not to mention be totally prepared for the current shift in collective planetary consciousness. It’s exciting times and together we can cut through the chaos!

EP #27 : The Earth Needs Us to Heal Our Relationship to the Feminine

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When we suppress the energy of the feminine, both within men and within women, we lose our connection to the earth. There cannot be a healthy planet until this balance of equality is restored. This is the core wound of our times. There is an indoctrinated war on the feminine and it's time to recognize it, deal with it, and heal it. Read More