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Hey, I’m Wes! With over 25 years experience as clarity junkie, spiritual warrior, and meditation guide, each episode I bring you mindfulness and motivation for your meditation.


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Practical insights to deconstruct your conditioned identity and transform the limited beliefs of a toxic society in transition. Literally everything that will encourage you to stop complaining, find your personal power, and be the hero of your own life.

Not to mention be totally prepared for the current shift in collective planetary consciousness. It’s exciting times and together we can cut through the chaos!

The Frequency : EP 4 : Exposing The Laws Of Your Core Beliefs

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Coming into the awareness that there is a “before state” to what you experience right now. Either in your inner or outer reality. That your present moment is actually an after effect of deeper energetic feminine energies. That the masculinity of your outward thoughts create and manufacture.

This is important to expose through a dedicated meditation practice. Specifically as our human world is deeply deconstructing itself right now.

Which also shows us that -before any laws of a society are written -what is there? As laws are an agreement of perception. And if we are fighting “reality” then really we're itching for a change of our perceptions and values.

Especially as this current form of the matrix is designed to siphon the high vibration energy of your pleasure. And then puritanically shame you for having desires in the first place.

The Frequency : EP 3 : Becoming Brave In Who You Really Are

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If you don’t have a plan for your life. Someone else definitely does. And are you so unwilling to examine and embrace who you really are. So that these other forces have free reign over your destiny?

Or will you go within and acclimate to existence itself. Knowing that you are that. That the universe is really you wishing for you to come back into its care and play.

The Frequency : EP 2 : We Are The System

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If we are to commit to a path here in 2020 and beyond. That leads to the creation of an enlightened society on a new earth. Then we have to lead by a phrase I love from the book Beyond Civilization by Daniel Quinn. If the world is saved, it will not be by old minds with new programs -but by new minds with no programs at all.

So we have to catch ourselves when we are tempted to use our old mind, which is what is tested and familiar, and then recycle it for a new world. To use it to envision what is possible. When It will only refer to what was experienced in the past. And what was considered normal just yesterday -is deadly to us now.

To begin this grand new journey we have to own this one very important thing first. We are the system. Societies are humanity's collective art piece and lived expression. But they now must be made with full consciousness. Or else unmet shadow desires will continue to reign supreme.

Books Mentioned:

Beyond Civilization by Daniel Quinn :

Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott :

The Frequency : EP 1 : Committing To The New Path

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Ok Shift Crew – This is the soft launch of the new podcast series called “The Frequency.” Excited for you to check it out as I still design it and get it ready to be distributed on Spotify and iTunes.

In this debut episode we really speak about committing to the new path that is fully here now in 2020. But it will take your focus to no longer dive into the chaos and drama of this pandemic moment. While establishing what matters most and sticking to it!

Ep #56 : Reclaiming Yourself as a Gift to Be Enjoyed. A Chat with Ix-chel Sandivel on Modern Intimacy and Sexual Liberation.

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Sensuality, feminine sexual liberation, and the art of communicating your authentic “No’s.” Are just a few of the interpersonal healings that we are all contending with. Seen the headlines lately?

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