Sacred Circuit of Natural Alignment Oracle Card Reading

Confused about what's currently going on in your life? Seeking insight on what your true direction is? Want to harness the energy of a full or new moon?
An Obsidian Blade Oracle Card reading is just what you need!

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My Process for Doing Oracle Readings With You

We chat on the phone for 20 minutes. And I receive an impression of what you are going through in the moment. Along the questions you have about where you currently are. What you’ve been experiencing. And where you are hoping to arrive next in your life.

We’ll take a pause from chatting and from there I’ll sit with the cards. Set the intention to get an accurate reading for you that precisely mirrors your quest. And then begin to shuffle the decks and arrange them into the sacred circuit of natural alignment. A unique spread that I have created that matches the work I do with clients in our energy retrieval sessions.

Your reading is a dimensional sphere of cards that speak to all simultaneous points of your heart based cosmic vehicle.

All of  which is connected to the heavens, the earth, and the underworld. Along with the four directions. And your current, past and future realities.

In your session I use a combination of theses decks:

  • Mystic Shaman Oracle
  • Medicine Cards
  • The Toltec Oracle

Then we’ll then dive back in on the phone and I will guide you as to the messages, guidance and themes that are coming through.

I’ll also send you pictures of the full spread along with any photo descriptions of the cards you wish to have for your future reference.

Prices for Obsidian Blade Oracle Readings

Readings are 60 minutes for $90. And $125 for 90 minutes.

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About Wesley Parrish

The Obsidian Blade

Guided by decades of study of pre-conquest Toltec wisdom, modern universal Shamanism and a direct transmission of original creator technology retrieved from the land herself in Malinalco, Mexico during a recent year long immersion there, Wes Parrish, the Obsidian Blade, has been tasked by the elementals with reintroducing you to your greater powers as a true partner of earth. As we reclaim the more expansive definition of what it means to be a Human Being.

Starting at age 18, his personal development and spiritual journey has taken him to many liberating moments within his being. Tools, perspectives and timeless wisdom that he is both proud and honored to share with you today.

He has received direct trainings from Mayan Elder Hunbatz-Men and Toltec Lineage Holder Sergio Mangña. And recently has been initiated into the Circle of the Toltec Nation by Tlahuizcalpantecutli, aka “Gorilla,” Guardian of Teotihuacan and the head of the Centro Cultural Tolteca de Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Wesley’s deep skill of intuitive listening, clairvoyant insight and cheerful guidance is always dedicated to what you need next and feels right for your life.

This is a great age of transformation. From the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies to the shift from the fifth sun to the sixth sun. He, like you, is here to take part in the great shift and awaken to life on 5D New Earth.