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This is what we see

01: The Landscape of Change

I love clarity, freedom, and liberation.

I believe that we are living in the greatest blossoming of human awareness that has happened in a very long time. An age where humans will evolve into their full dreaming power within the context of a living and connected universe. An expanse where magic is our next collective technology.

Some call this “shift” the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Others, like the Toltec, call it the movement of the Fifth Sun to the Sixth Sun.

An age where beings will develop extremely powerful energy handling skills that have never been seen before (perhaps why we see the steady rise in superhero movies?).

We understand that the matrix is not our true foundation. Control mechanisms of human awareness through current economic practices, global politics, religions, societal rules and psychological limitations are all what will vanish soon.

What will be left after this shift? Nothing that we know of now. But rather the clear-view of where we really are and how we truly operate within the correct rhythmic order of the living cosmos. A landscape that honors the diversity of all life and the balance of the feminine and masculine energies that sustain it.

This is where we act

02: The Challenge for All

Right now we live in an age of deeply personal and collective shadow work. Which is known as the gap years before the Sixth Sun comes into dominant effect in 2021.

To get there safely, everyone’s underworld, darkness or “shadow” must be cleansed, resolved and integrated. Along with attachment to memories around the identities you had within the old-world infrastructures. Which is to spin in the positive direction of your best fortune.

It will take courage and technique to cleanse and blossom into what we are. Methods to let go of the assumed “I” and attain our full awareness and mastery.

The hardest challenge in front of us is that we are creatures of habit and comfort. And what's even worse, is that the psychology and neurochemistry of our body, which are extensions of our mind, fight to the death to keep us cozy or within the parameters of what is safe and previously known. When in reality the unknown is just as safe.

The comfortable side of us is our dangerous side. The side of us that justifies why we never change and why we stay at rest. Diminishing the stagnant force to remain who we “think we are” rather than live “what we are” is where we do the work.

Reclaim your power…
All of it!

This is what we become

03: Embodying the Change

I am committed to the Obsidian Blade (through podcasts, workshops, healing sessions) being the training ground, the healing ground and the clarification ground around which we gather, refine and excel our new abilities and strengths. A basecamp for the flight of the eagle and the dreaming territory of the jaguar.

It’s our quest to cleanse our shadow within our cave of power and to make right our relationship with our ancestors and allies. Let us cut, prune and heal to become ready. As long as you are willing to do the work, then the energies are available to you now.

In personal development it’s understood that you’re the summation of the top five people you hang out with most. If you wish to move forward successfully in your life, it’s important to hang with people who cause you to rise beyond your current circumstances, inherited memories, self imposed limitations and repetitive stories.

We gather here to become, and be around, the heroes who have remembered themselves. Those who recall that our current identity is merely an incarnation of a character in a video game. Like a dreamer dialing into the matrix who also has the power and fluidity to dial out of the matrix.

Humanity has a next level. Let’s do the work together and become the change we seek.


It’s Time for The Obsidian Blade!

Prepare. Advance. Become.

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