Six weeks to limitless possibility by becoming the 5D New Earth paradigm shift now. Reconnect to the intelligent ecosystem of cosmic nature as an embodied leader with the codes of the New Earth Culture in this one-of-a-kind training and activation process.

Faith In The Future

We hear the words:
New Earth
The Shift
The Aquarian Age
The Sixth Sun
And more…

The signs are obvious that these descriptions and new landscapes are very close to being our daily reality.

We are at critical mass. From technology, to radical cultural shifts due to global communications, to the ancient timings of preserved and remembered native cultures.

But how do we make the leap to what these expressions really mean and the life they describe?

I have an idea… Instead of waiting for this next age or 5D New Earth to arrive -what if we just became it instead?

That its arrival actually depends upon us evolving into it first. Not the other way around.

Boldly making the space in our lives to receive it. And then create the infrastructure, identities and routines in our lives to BECOME it NOW.

Like a partner waiting to dance with us -It’s really up to us to make the first move.

And the only new paradigm capable of holding this shift is to become what we really are… The Human Infinite.

I’ve created a six week adventure for us to come together to make that space real.

To build the necessary skills of alignment where we understand how to embody the shift. And live it as a New Earth culture allied to the values and support of life. Not it's destruction.

This course will upgrade your mindset, your health, your wealth, your happiness, and your relationships. While putting you on the path that walks past extinction and into activated alignment.

Instead of waiting for this new age or new earth to arrive -Let's Become it First!


A 6-Week course that will teach you the fundamentals behind:

• Epigenetic Unlocking
• Universal Shamanism
• Growth Mindset
• Postive Habits
• Connection to the Greater Consciousness of Life

• 5D Cleansing & Healing
• New Earth Leadership
• Wealth Codes
• The Sacred Currency of Creating New Realities

All with an emphasis on tangible and grounded results that improve your life in every way. I have your back!

What You Will Recieve

  • You’ll have LIFETIME accesses to this potent 6-week course. Which will continue to be added to over time with new modules and insights from teachers that you love and admire. Content that will be exclusive to this advanced group.
  • 2 HR Weekly LIVE trainings and Q+A Sessions.
  • Workbooks to accompany modules with writing prompts and activation quests
  • Private Human Infinite FB group with other students to integrate and dive deeper into the teachings with each other.
  • Beta Group Note: These weekly’s will be re-recorded into bite size video chapters/modules once our course is complete. But you will have lifetime access to the original lives sessions as well.
Bonus #1

1-On-1 1HR Coaching Call With Me

I'm here to ground you when any feelings or blockages come up with the process or materials. And to hear how you are doing in life. Plus my full participation and presence in the private FB group to assist with integration.

Bonus #2

Two Guided Meditation Audios

Based on what you need to assist your shift for cosmic aliment and personal empowerment.

Doors Close Sunday October 6th at 8PM PST.

We begin our adventure together on Wednesday, October 9th!
I'm Ready To Be Human Infinite

Module Overview

"To have a life you’ve never had, but want -you have to do things you’ve never done before, but can!" -Wes The Obsidian Blade

Module 1:

Infinite Human Mindset

Good seeds needs good soil. Dive into how to use new information and integrate it compassionately with a growth oriented mindset.

Module 2:

Dropping False Narratives

Reclaim your power from toxic shame to move past survival based social dynamics and arrive as You -the bold leader.

Module 3:

Natural Human Alignment

Reactivate your primal and bodily alignment to the sacred multi-dimensional wheel of life. While reviving who you are, where you are and what you are.

Module 4:

5D Operation Codes

What is the true 5th Dimension and how to use it for healing. And the possibility of Eternal Life as a radiant singularity across time.

Module 5:

Habits of a Human Infinite

Crafting your true identity and how to optimize your life through rituals and habits that anchor infinite possibility.

Module 6:

Reclaiming Your Creator Status

Epigenetic Unlocking -Be the playlist of the infinite. The practical how to session on activating new abilities that match our larger playground.

About Your Teacher

Wes Parrish - The Obsidian Blade

Guided by decades of study of pre-conquest Toltec wisdom, modern universal Shamanism, and human behavior -Wes Parrish, the Obsidian Blade, has been tasked by The Elementals with reintroducing you to your greater powers as a true partner of the Earth. As we reclaim the more expansive definition of what it means to be a Human Being.

Beginning at age 18, he has received direct trainings from Mayan Elder Hunbatz-Men and Toltec Lineage Holder Sergio Mangña. And has been initiated into the Circle of the Toltec Nation by Tlahuizcalpantecutli, aka “Gorilla,” Guardian of Teotihuacan and the head of the Centro Cultural Tolteca de Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Wesley’s deep skill of intuitive listening, clairvoyant insight and cheerful guidance is always dedicated to what you need next and feels right for your life. He, like you, is here to take part in the great shift and awaken to life on 5D New Earth.

Ready For The Ultimate Status Update?

This is a course into leadership. For self, family and crew.

Sometimes you may shy away from that role because it seems too large a task. But leadership is about reclaiming bravery and showing up with your new plan on every level.

From the very tiny moments between you and another. To how you operate your business and personal economy.

Our collective evolution is to make everything sacred again.

To reconnect to a larger construct of what life is and our place in it. While making this larger level of connection useable, practical, and comfortable to be with.

In essence to loose nothing that makes you human. To continue to satisfy and nourish the needs of your design. And yet be connected to so much more.

Right now, it’s like the internet is a set of training wheels, or a metaphor, for how we can naturally and effortlessly connect to a greater sphere of power, energy and sacred supply within a network of consciousness and life.

And so you're already doing it.

You just need to own it and become the critical mass you've been looking for.


We are not waiting for New Earth to arrive – we are to become it now!

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Human Infinite Mastermind FAQ

What Is A Beta Group?

A Beta Group or Beta Course is essentially a course that is finished. But wishes to have participants input on how to tailor the content to their lives. As well as have them suggest topics and themes that will assist them directly. These insights will then be integrated into the future course materials.

What Is Expected Of You -The Participant

First and foremost is the willingness to give this course your full attention to receive the transformative benefits I am seeking for you. But as a Beta Group Member you are expected to give an honest testimonial at the end of the course when we conduct an exit interview with you.

These testimonials will be used in future promotional materials. And your participation in this Human Infinite Beta Group is your consent to have your name, photo, and testimonial be part of said promotions. Last names can be omitted if requested.

How Long Will I Have Access To This Course?

You will have lifetime access to both the Beta Course Content as well as the future product that is be tailored for the masses. That future product will also grow with new content over time.

Can I Pay In Installments?

Not at this time. As this is a one-time -none refundable -offer to take the 6 week beta course for essentially $8 a day. The price will never be this low again.

Let's Play!