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How Suffering is an Option

By September 28, 2016Video

Transcript of the Video:

Hey everyone it’s Wes of the Obsidian Blade Podcast and I just put out episode 19 and there is a theme in there that I actually just want to talk about again real quick because I think it's kind of juicy.

I kind of exposed something that was I think powerful to me. And that's suffering is not a noun, it's not even an adjective it is a verb and the only way that suffering can exist is if we entertain it and if we allow it.

And that's very important place to get to in your empowerment as a spiritual being having a human experience. That suffering doesn't have to happen unless you choose it.

And I know there are a lot of circumstances where we've gone into situations where we thought we didn't choose it and maybe that happened on a bigger level because we needed to grow in that fashion and it was for our benefit to suffer in that fashion.

But always suffering means participation and that suffering as I said is a verb not a noun.

Its not a thing that we're trying to combat. It doesn't have an address, it doesn't have a credit card, it doesn't have a Facebook account.

It's just something that we do and if we want to end suffering then we have to take our responsibility and how much we are participating with it.

And also when we see one or more people, like two people getting into it, and causing suffering with each other… the only reason that that exists is because we are denying it. We're choosing to look the other way we are letting it happen.

And I think that's fascinating. We're we watch people engage in suffering and they don't have to do it.

None of us have to engage in suffering. We don't have to do it and that that point is, is part of the muscles you've got to develop by having any sort of practice that treats yourself better.

Anyway I talk about it more on episode 19 of the podcast that I just put up right now. Hope you check it out

And I don't know if you noticed but I'm wearing some crazy ass shades right now. They're called Rainbow Optics.

It was just my birthday the other day so I bought several pairs. They're called chakras sunglasses. This one's magenta chakra.

So check it out. It takes any grey day and makes it into this crazy beautiful explosion of color!

Yeah so anyway, love you to check out the podcast when you can.

New episodes coming out weekly and the easiest way to catch it is on iTunes, Stitcher, or just make sure that I pop up in your Facebook feed!

Alright, bye!

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