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EP #9 : Be Your Best Human Through Seeing the World Just as It Is

By February 5, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

The world just is. Then we add our assessment, description and judgement. Descriptions of the world are both a learned response and a lineage of karma to be burned. How can we begin to see the world and the things in it just as they are? Let us see meaning as a drug and begin to become the sober witnesses to the mechanism of our story telling. Things just are, they are neutral, but your descriptions of the world, that you wrote, can end up owning you. Like being both master and servant at the same time. Let’s find freedom in all our inherited and enforced descriptions of life. The 21st century allows us this opportune moment to be and live post survival and open up to a wider array of liberated being. Don’t limit your infinity!

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