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EP #6 : An Experience of Frustration Is an Opportunity for Beauty

By January 26, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

We hit walls in life, it’s natural. And then we get frustrated, that’s natural too. But, how long are we gonna hang out there? Today, we remember that when we’re frustrated, we want something different. We don’t have to be combative with what’s not working. To move on, we accept what is, rather than arguing with the reality of people, places, and things. Frustration is a sharpening of contrast in our life. By having contrast arrive we can we rediscover the good feeling thoughts of what we do want in an consciously intelligent and responsive universe. It’s an opportunity for more peace, and surprise, in our lives and we must take it. Let’s remind our selves that we get to feel good. What is it you want again? Yes, that feels better. No pouty babies on the throne. Only sovereigns!

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