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Ep #56 : Reclaiming Yourself as a Gift to Be Enjoyed. A Chat with Ix-chel Sandivel on Modern Intimacy and Sexual Liberation.

By November 23, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

Sensuality, feminine sexual liberation, and the art of communicating your authentic “No’s.” Are just a few of the interpersonal healings that we are all contending with. Seen the headlines lately?

The transformation from closeted toxic masculine abuses in the world and work place are being exposed. And with that comes the need for better understanding of our inner desires and how they become safely expressed and experienced with others.

This episode I interview intimacy artist & transformational coach Ix-Chel Sandivel. She is passionate about creating safe and exquisite experiences that allow the human spirit to evolve into new levels of ecstatic awareness, confidence and self love. As a Source Tantra Yoga Associate & Certified Advanced Tantra Educator, she leads events for men & women based on Tantra with a contemporary twist.

Together we dive into accepting the power of sexuality, good intimacy communication and getting all your chakras to a hell yes!

If you are interested in more of her insights and services, please visit:


  1. Ending polarization of the topic of sexuality until we can see it and communicate about it from a neutral vantage point.
  2. When we balance feminine and masculine energies we come to life from a neutral balance place.
  3. Sex is a dynamic force that got you here to this dimension.
  4. Every thought we have is a sexual thought. Because thoughts create realities.
  5. Masculine fear of feminine flourishing in her full flow is needing to be healed.
  6. True masculinity has a lot do do with space and safety.
  7. We are exposed are thousands of potential partners daily.
  8. Saying “No” is a “Yes” to something else. Something more receptive to where you are at.
  9. When it comes to sex there is no “normal.” There’s just what you choose to explore and feel through your sensuality. Where do you want to travel today? And how far do you want to hike?
  10. See yourself as a gift that you are offering to another person to enjoy.

Show Notes:

How IX-Chel awakened to her sensual body. [02:56]

Ending the shaming of young people when they awaken to their sexuality. [07:24]

Seeing how toxic masculine energy exits in the actions of feminine bodies. [15:32]

The common challenges people face in healing and awakening their sexuality. [20:09]

Sex is a power and it needs to be openly talked about early on in a connection. [23:54]

Understanding the power and positive effect of saying “no.” [32:16]

What is orgasmic empowerment? [47:17]

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