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EP #55 : Healing and Awakening Your Sensual Relationship to the Planet

By November 5, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

Forget about going to mars. We’re not even on planet earth yet! We can make the switch from living as outsiders to being inside her as navigators of incredible sensual adventures together.

And continuing our conversation of “what we are” and “where we are” from episode 54 -Gaia want’s to play with us.

And part of that play is healing and reclaiming our sexual power and identity. Sex is can be an exploration and a journey. It takes you from one place to another. And that is called travel. And we are here to reclaim our freedom, liberation and play.

Let’s heal our relationship with existence and have a majorly great time again with our host. We are the navigators of the supreme orientation. We are the pilots and navigators intimately connected to our ship, Spaceship Gaia.


  1. Personalities can come and go. The skilled experience artist is not glued to the personality that they founded upon a previous lifetime of reaction.
  2. We are networked intelligence that is coming to a summation of what we really are and where we really are.
  3. Our concept of the earth is limited and there is much more to experience of her and us if we can let go of our assumed personalities which equals our assumed limitations.
  4. When we heal ourselves we heal the whole planet.
  5. Gaia becomes wide open to play by those who are equipped to be her true lovers.
  6. Gaia is not round nor is it flat, it is an experience. And that experience is as dynamic as her people.
  7. We don’t see the web anymore because we have become it. We are a global startup culture. We are moving away from the information age to the human age.
  8. Make life itself family again. We are the navigators of the supreme orientation. We are the pilots and navigators intimately connected to our ship, Spaceship Gaia.

Show Notes:

Personalities are creations and you are a creator. [01:45]

Performing the brave act of healing and reconnecting to the family of existence. [05:08]

Looking at the individual and collective expression of our sexual expression. [10:12]

Seeing Gaia as a partner in sensual exploration of existence and the cosmos. [12:50]

Recognizing technology as a natural power of ourselves and how Gaia is the next great technological startup. [15:24]

How the web browser shows us how we choose our focus and place of attention. [20:06]

Note: Remember you are not alone in this journey! Join us, your spaceship gaia and conscious creator crew, on our twice monthly live video calls on ZOOM where we can chat face to face and rock this planetary shift together, as what I call, Team Transition!

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