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EP #54 : How to Get Spaceship Gaia a Date with the Conscious Masculine

By October 16, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

Just what is the dominant dream of Mother Earth right now? And how do we collectively process it for her? Together as a species, as an intelligent shared organic computing system, we solve the root cause of all humanity’s problems throughout time.

What is the core of what humanity is facing and processing here? In healing, treating the symptom of an issue can be an never ending business. But going to the root cause of all issues can heal everything. And healing all is necessary as we ascend our vibration and make our way to humanity’s next dimensional existence in harmony with life.

Each one of us is a node on the grid of a shared organic computing system. Otherwise called the Gaian Mind. Now what do shared computing systems do? They solve complex problems that a single mind, or computer, might only solve over perhaps millions of years.

So as we speed up as a species, we can solve together in the now the root problems that has drawn forth our next level of awareness. And what might be the root issue we have all been facing? Well, if we understand that all of us are the dream of the earth. Then the earth, Mama Gaia, has been dating an abusive masculine energy. And she needs us to show her the way to getting a conscious dating profile up on Galactic Tindr.

On the ground, this is the rebalancing of the feminine and masculine energies. This is the healing of duality. Not its abolishment. But the toolkit of transcending it. So that we can achieve unity and access to the ascension doorway of New Earth under the light of the Sixth Sun.


  1. The internet is the metaphor of our own innate power and abilities as a unified and collective species.
  2. Do the work of ending your multiple streams of pre-occupation of self deception.
  3. Our mind is actually an antenna and if you want to pick up the radio station of infinite wisdom. Then you need to tune the dial.
  4. If we are the dream of the mother, then we are her process in the dream that she is dreaming. And what she is dreaming is her evolution.
  5. We are trying to solve a collective equation of evolution.
  6. We are learning as a species that consent matters.

Show Notes:

Understanding our unique perspective at this great time of change. [00:48]

How we are shared computing power. [02:50]

Supercomputing at the level of a Gaian Mind. [03:58]

How we are the dream of the Earth and what we are doing as that dream. [13:45]

What Gaia is agreeing to and allowing through her examination of hyper masculine domination. [17:05]

The recent history of the masculine subduing the earth and her cultures. [21:26]

Finding the physical transcendent position for your sitting mediations. [28:12]

Note: Remember you are not alone in this journey! Join us, your spaceship gaia and conscious creator crew, on our twice monthly live video calls on ZOOM where we can chat face to face and rock this planetary shift together, as what I call, Team Transition!

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