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EP #53 : Transforming Existence Into the Loving Arms of Family

By October 9, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

I think we can all say that waking up in this life is like one big case of the magnificent “a-ha’s!” What surprises me even more, is that our awakening continually falls under the theme of “the elusive obvious.” But, we can change that!

From tapping into our intuition an re-learning how to deeply trust ourselves. To silencing the shared narrative of the dominant human paradigm. To finding our way back into a healthy relationship, not just with the earth, but with all of existence. And to extend that renewed familiarity into a bond as loving as family.

This is all our birthright. And to become one with all things again, doesn’t quite mean losing your unique angle -you angel. But rather coming back to the united state of the magic circle. Where we can see in all directions at once. Witnessing how our uniqueness serves the sum total as we reignite the light grid of Earth.


  1. What are you made of? Where do you really come from?
  2. Honor in yourself the completeness of the inner voice that exists in you. And trust it.
  3. Create the space to receive the codes. The codes of what you have been really living in this whole time. Rather than what you have been trained to think you are living in.
  4. We over inflate the importance of this illusion as the only place to be, or the only place to live and fight for.
  5. Our ideas of life have a ceiling of what is possible. And we are waking up to the fundamental knowing that this imposed ceiling of what is possible is like a cage. And that cage serves the agenda of certain energy beings.
  6. Its my birthright as an extension of the universe to be connected and aware of all of existence.
  7. When we come together we can see in all directions at once.

Show Notes:

Honoring your intuitive knowledge. [01:00]

We are becoming economic masters of how and when we spend our attention upon things. [04:48]

Implanted memories in the human experience of what is possible. [06:56]

Waking up from collective amnesia projection syndrome. [09:28]

Becoming family with the Universe again. [10:51]

Circling up to Ignite the grid of the awakened ones. [14:18]

Note: Remember you are not alone in this journey! Join us, your spaceship gaia and conscious creator crew, on our twice monthly live video calls on ZOOM where we can chat face to face and rock this planetary shift together, as what I call, Team Transition!

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