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EP #52: Our Shift to a Powerful Life in Three Magical Manifestos

By October 1, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

Celebrating episode and sacred number 52! We are awakening from a slumber of our own power and making.

And that it is your attention that fuels whatever you are experiencing. Collectively we are waking up to our cause and effect.

And the subconscious patterns that we adopted that have kept us in the dark so far. We have always been powerful. And the three Obsidian Blade manifestos that I share with you in this episode help focus the evolution we are all experiencing together. Welcome to earth in the age of transition. You and I signed up this. And we are ready for more!


  1. Reclaim your power!
  2. We are living in the greatest blossoming of human awareness that has happened in a very long time.
  3. We understand that the matrix is not our true foundation. Control mechanisms of human awareness through current economic practices, global politics, religions, societal rules and psychological limitations are all what will vanish soon.
  4. What will be left after this shift? Nothing that we know of now. But rather the clear-view of where we really are and how we truly operate within the correct rhythmic order of the living cosmos.
  5. It’s our quest to cleanse our shadow within our cave of power and to make right our relationship with our ancestors and allies.
  6. We gather here to become, and be around, the heroes who have remembered themselves.
  7. Now is the time we must transform, heal and initiate ourselves through to the new earth, Aquarian Age and Sixth Sun.

Show Notes:

Manifesto Number One. [04:49]

Manifesto Number Two. [10:06]

Manifesto Number Three. [18:41]

Epilogue. [22:24]

Note: Remember you are not alone in this journey! Join us, your spaceship gaia and conscious creator crew, on our twice monthly live video calls on ZOOM where we can chat face to face and rock this planetary shift together, as what I call, Team Transition!

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