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EP #51 : Day to Day Responsibility in the Face of Great Earth Changes.

By September 24, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

How do we eat and handle our day to day life needs in the face of great transformational vibrations? It can be tempting to beat ourselves up about it all.

To declare that we are falling short of our responsibilities. But we really mustn’t. This engineered human game is getting shook up. The landscape of earth herself is shifting. And with that change, old ways of engagement die off. And we must stay fluid and available to adapt to what is arriving before us. May we have a practice that keeps us agile. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.


  1. It’s difficult to maintain the balance of the day to day in the face of these great earth changes.
  2. What ever we are engaging with… we are paying for.
  3. Some of our dreams have been founded upon an old landscape now gone.
  4. There is no system but the system we co-create.

Show Notes:

I am here to make real connection within a shared resonant field. [01:23]

Something and everything has been leading up to this point – and it’s not easy. [03:17]

How our minds are working in relationship to Gaia and these energy shifts. [08:53]

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