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Ep #50 : You Are the New World about to Bloom

By September 18, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

We live in an exciting age where people not only buy physical products but they also buy ideas (especially the ideas we sell ourselves -lol).

Along with the techniques to anchor these ideas into living mindsets. In other words we can create, and people are looking to buy, “worldviews” of new potential.

And what is a worldview? It’s an operational manual for new results. And we all want new results as we emerge like a butterfly from the cocoon of the old world and fly high into the new. So, let’s collectively unlock the “advanced mode” on our potential by leaving behind the habits that have kept us locked down.


  1. Let us arrive at and give birth to a New Earth!
  2. It is essential that we observe exactly how we spend our personal energy.
  3. Realize that all that we experience is not all that is possible. And that what is possible is determined by the choices you make.
  4. People don't just buy physical products. They also buy ideas for a new world.
  5. We can unlock the “advanced mode” of our human existence by no longer spending our energy in the “beginner mode” of our daily life.
  6. We’re sitting on this precipice of infinity, yet the current dominators of our world view don't want you to leave their cable subscription service.
  7. Fear is an indicator of excitement, not oppression.
  8. There is not one world. For every consciousness here, there is a world.
  9. Your financial success is directly proportional to the amount of people you serve.

Show Notes:

Taking an inventory of the current human earth changes. [02:45]

Clearly seeing how and what we participate in. [05:05]

Creating new business in the age of infinite possibility and service. [08:20]

Flying in the face of the dominant idea of what is possible. [12:34]

Looking at the infinite world views available to us now. [15:10]

The origins of infinite cultures [17:27]

We are now flowering into the next now age. [19:05]

The power of cryptocurrency in this next age. [20:33]

Note: Remember you are not alone in this journey! Join us, your spaceship gaia and conscious creator crew, on our twice monthly live video calls on ZOOM where we can chat face to face and rock this planetary shift together, as what I call, Team Transition!

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