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EP #49 : Awakening to the Pain We Have Caused Others

By September 3, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

How expressing your authentic self became painful. Have you been trained to obscure your truth in order to feel good? That through repeat negative expressions of your primary care givers, you found out that telling the truth got you in trouble.

And that if you created a personality of deception you were rewarded with the serenity and love you craved. This is where humanity has been psychopathically twisted up for way too long. And I have not been immune to this. Through my discovery of what it feels like to perpetrate others may we discover the addictive quality of causing ourselves and others pain and cut it out for good!


  1. Pain is an incredible tool for self discovery and personal development.
  2. If we want the world to change, we have to be that change first.
  3. No new world can be created unless we are willing to be that newness.
  4. Some of us are chemically hardwired or the rush of “being in trouble.”
  5. Subconscious patterns first started out as conscious decisions.
  6. What you are doing in life may be elusive to you but it is obvious to others.

Show Notes:

Pain as a learning tool [00:50]

Deconstructing the familiar family created view. [03:51]

We cannot go back in time to change things. Be we can see the past in our now. [06:50]

The most difficult part about seeing our own patterns. [11:48]

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Bonus: Great video on how the “kernel” of living a life that is rewarded for telling the truth became corrupted. And hence the hijacked society we have and live in now. I've queued it up right at the point Mark Christopher drops the bomb.

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