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EP #47 : Exposing Our Shadow Manifestations in a Post Eclipse World

By August 23, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

Sitting here reflecting on my awareness in a post-eclipse phase. I used to see the world through the eyes of me. Now I see the world as the expression of we.

Now is the collective time to bring humanity all the tools it requires to know this one thing: We are not only the change we seek. But we are also the bridge to that change. We are each the path itself to the new landscape of living in the light of the Sixth Sun on New Earth. So in that process we examine where we haven't brought the light to deep within us.

And we do so to not only expose our deep patterns that manifest. But to love them. And to urge them to come forth from out of hiding and into the light of transformation. This is the code of decoding our individual and collective experience to manifesting a world forged in true beauty.


  1. All is within us as reflected outside of us. Be empowered by what you choose.
  2. The way “it is” is tremendously up for grabs.
  3. You are becoming the change you seek.
  4. You can focus your light and penetrate the night of your own darkness.
  5. You are the map, the lock, and the key to focusing what you want next in your life.
  6. I do for me so that we can be free.

Show Notes:

We must embody that nothing is outside of us [00:50]

Do you really want some of your thoughts to be true? [01:50]

You no longer need permission from your old authority figures. [02:38]

We are collectively at a power point right now. [04:36]

Do you really want to be “right” in manifesting the things that feel horrible inside you? [05:55]

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