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Ep #46 : We Are like Fruit with a Hard Shell

By August 20, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

Trail musings: My relationship to the land is growing. Those moments where you leave the busy-ness of your mind, that we call “our life,” and walk into a landscape that holds none of those distractions important.

Expose yourself to the earth and work through any anxieties you have about your relationship with her.


  1. Be bold, be free, be certain and be assured that when you do you -you will surely be met by those who are true to themselves.
  2. We are the gold of the creative new economy.
  3. It takes courage to grab the knife of self enquiry and cut yourself open to find the sweetness inside of your true nature.

Show Notes:

Did you know that you can think what you want. [00:30]

You expand over time through having a practice. [02:55]

We are like fruit with a hard shell. [04:18]

Also want to give a big thanks to Kyrstyn Pixton who created the new intro and outro music for the podcast. She is a musical genius and unicorn. I'm sure you will fall in love with her music and the amazing Facebook live sessions she does where she takes your ideas and turns them into lyrics right before your eyes and ears!

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