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EP #45 : Improving Our Connection and Creations with New Earth

By August 19, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

A new earth is fast arriving and we are moving forward, fast, as an ever evolving species. A group of energetic beings that have the power to create whole new realities forged in beauty.

But if you have forgotten this path, then one of your options is to reconnect to indigenous wisdom. Along with unhooking your powerful world creating attention from the fake matrix of deception. We also discus in this episode how the pain you suffer is actually your scared duty as Spaceship Gaia’s cleanup crew. Don't take it so personal! And that it is all our potential to become brave about who and what we really are. And in doing this we all just might become rich on new earth!

Also want to give a big thanks to Kyrstyn Pixton who created the new intro and outro music for the podcast. She is a musical genius and unicorn. I'm sure you will fall in love with her music and the amazing Facebook live sessions she does where she takes your ideas and turns them into lyrics right before your eyes and ears!

Take Aways:

  1. We are all equal players here in the expansion of consciousness.
  2. Through your free will, who and what and where do you spend you awareness on? And the fruit it brings.
  3. Our emotions also obey the laws of physics.
  4. Gaia is the main supplier of the dream.
  5. Technology is only a third-dimensional crutch for a fifth-dimensional reality.
  6. Nature is technology. And you are nature.
  7. Become an intergalactic eco lover.
  8. Flow with the mass and momentum with a Shakti universe.
  9. We are all inhabitants of spaceship Gaia. The inter dimensional time machine and frequent flier of all your desires.
  10. The wide open expanse of new earth under the sixth sun is waiting for you. Make new manifestations in the new landscape.
  11. Your power has just been held in your own darkness, waiting to be reclaimed.
  12. The world you were handed is no longer an option.
  13. United caves of emerging power, light and liberation
  14. Isn’t it time for us to become creators of beauty!
  15. We need to be brave about who and what we really are! Very powerful creators of realities.

Show Notes:

We talk about a new earth arriving and improving our connection with her. [3:00]

How mother earth creates our lives as dreamers. [5:30]

How we are moving forward as a species [6:10]

Connecting with indigenous wisdom does not mean going backwards. [8:25]

Our personal energies obey the laws of physics. [10:50]

There is a new expansion of reality happening. [13:50]

Shaman Durek: If you learn tribal ethics you will awaken to the seed within. [17:20]

What we are seeing in mainstream culture is the rise of feminine power. [20:10]

You attention may be hooked on what obscures your truth. [21:40]

The flaws of human nature have been understood by other energies and hijacked. [22:50]

May all dreamers everywhere awaken to the fresh palette of new earth. [23:50]

We have been cleaning the collective cellular memory banks of humanity. [27:20]

We are already rich in the true economy. [30:00]

You are a painter of life. [34:50]

More of the current nightmare is not possible. [36:10]

How to find the right shaman. [39:46]

You power is hiding in plain sight. [41:22]

We are being asked to be brave about what we are. [44:40]

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