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EP #43 : Reclaiming Your Access to Infinite Realms of Beauty and Existence

By February 8, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

You can never give away your power. You only powerfully apply your focus to vibrations that either propel you forward or leave you behind. Let us see how!

Who is the identity in you, learned or adopted, that stays committed to being such and such and so and so – when you are free at all times to drop the dominate dopamine fueled frequency.

You don't do the age of Aquarius. You receive the age of Aquarius and become it. You make an inner agreement to identify more with its vibration and qualities than those of the current / soon to be former realm of the age of Pisces.

Which means rebel, yet don’t identify as a resistor. Because as the phrase goes – what you resist persists. Rather become someone who aligns with the qualities of the new landscape and receives it and leads the way to new solutions as the living example.

But you better make room in your life to be able to choose different! Let's see how we do that.


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