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EP #42 : Staying True to Your Vibration in the Eye of the World Hijack Storm

By January 26, 2017May 26th, 2020Podcast

How receiving your impulses from source, not a society of managed perceptions and chaos, will lead you straight to the new world of the Aquarian age.

And why being a master within the eye of the storm of world theater matters.

What are some of the key signatures of the age of Aquarius? Making the world a better place. Coming together in diverse knowledgeable cognitive collectives to help one another. And aligning with the divine intelligence that honors the connectedness of all life – not just on the earth, but the entire awakened cosmos as one living body.

As we be the eye of the storm, You don't need to believe in something outside of yourself in order to exist. You just be. Be you first. Be you unhindered.

You have the techniques to quite your mind, empty it out and open it up to receive. It's up to you to play the most impeccable game of personal responsibility of your life. This is personal leadership 2017.

This whole-ness is key to being sovereign. You become independent of the energy grid. You receive your impulses, not from society, but rather from source.

See the switch and make it happen! From a society that has been engineered for the profit of a few. To a society that serves the many of their own truth.

So how do we become jumpers into the age of Aquarius?

Let's find out!

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  • Cynthia says:

    Great episode!
    My tidbits…
    I think if we choose to be our selves, our Divine Being which is Love, we can transform anything.
    Raising the Divine Feminine so there can be Equality for All.
    Nourish our bodies and being with clean energy.
    Where there is resistance, choose to flow. Hmmm. Not sure how to put into words the rest.

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