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EP #38 : Blossom a Beautiful World into Being When Love Trumps Hate

By November 13, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

It’s not what “he’s” gonna do. It’s not what “they’re” gonna do… It’s what YOU are going to do! How the election of Trump is your call to embody your truth and live it.

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First of all, there are concerns and empowerments and inspirations running wild after this weeks weird and wild win for Donald Trump who is now the President Elect.

But after you dry your tears and check your fears – You’re going to have to take firm action to create the world that you want to live in.

You have to become the change that you seek.

This moment in time is an incredible opportunity, not a defeat, to be the superhero champion you are. To arrive and be the love you know this world needs right now.

And if you didn’t have a purpose before this election – you do now!

When you have strong contrast in your life, it makes the thing that you want all the much more clear. And a Trump presidency gives us all very clear contrast.

We also have to stay on our game and not become hypocrites. If we claim Trump is hate then we must choose to be love.

To transform our natural upset and anger into a vision of a better world for all.

Through this intensity we are called to lead the way in being a living example of the culture we wish to anchor here at this time.

And the first step in this is to meet our neighbors. To remove the gaps between us and those we deem as “other” or “them.”

To reach out to someone new and create more unity.

To end separation and mystery and erase the idea that some people are from source and some are not.

After the tears and the pain see how you have wanted this. This moment is asking you to disrupt “business as usual” because business as usual is highly unusual.

So where do we start? Listen to this weeks episode and let’s discover where the work is needed!

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