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EP #37 : Receiving Our Fortune by Blessing Others

By November 4, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

There is a rising energy in humanity. It’s clear that everyone just wants be who they really are and we can become that by giving it away to others first!

We’re furious to not waste another minute being signed up for anything that is not 100% the truth we know we are.

Through our meditation and mindfulness practice we can take an inventory of what we are enrolled in. From the conscious to the sub-conscious.

And this is to acknowledge your participation. That everything you experience you chose to experience. So, how are you spending this personal power? Where are you agreeing to place your attention?

Taking this level or inventory and responsibility is what you do as a conscious warrior on the path. Not only to evolve your self – but to evolve humanity.

Because we play by the rule: that as you change yourself you change the world.

So through all of these earth changes, the times are asking you – who do you want be in a new paradigm of possibility?

Through this process go with your heart and be the wild you. Be the infinite diverse you!

Along with compassionately noticing that everyone is frustrated that they have been enrolled in the grime that occludes and eclipses their inner voice and truth.

But we are awakening to that inner voice in ourselves. It’s more louder than ever. A knowing of who we want to be that may have zero agreements to what currently exists.

And how this can be sped along is by freeing everyone we come across from the mental boxes that we can tend to place on them.

If I give freedom, fortune and blessings to all -then I am that much more close to that which I wish to become and experience.

I can be free by giving away freedom first to all.

Everything you want to have happen your life can happen. All that is good for you, try giving that to everyone else first and surely you will become it in the process.

Through the process of giving you become the fortune that you deliver to others.

We are of the linage of the infinite fortune.

Give and become it!

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