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EP #36 : The Illusion Gets Worried When You Find Your Innate Truth

By October 17, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

Synchronize the mind with the body and witness how the power structures of deception totally freak out as you rediscover the power of your light.

Become your heart’s radiant truth. That’s all I ask!

The mind can be disconnected to the body. Especially in this modern world of over stimulation and demanding visual engagement.

Through connecting with the breath in our mindfulness practice or mediation, we can become still again to contemplate what we have taken in through our eyes, or other senses, rather than continuing to overwhelm our being.

From there, the breath can free us of thinking and reintroduce a “feeling” communication that our body wishes to have with our awareness.

In fact, the body may be the one responsible for what we think in the first place, rather than the other way round!

And I highly suggest that we get deep with our breath and relationship with our bodies on a very regular basis. For the intensity of our times is calling for it.

From my vantage point, there is an incredible evolution of consciousness happing right now on this world.

You can see in our political realm, the old control structures are freaking out and want your power of attention back in bad way.

Though all of this is just a test. All of these old system dreams ending are just a test for you to be true to who you are really are.

Do you really want to buy into the old dreams of the matrix or do you want to realign with your light? Your souls truth and purpose.

Be the light be that you are.

So… what are you waiting for? What’s keeping you from being that? What situation needs to go in order for that to happen?

I’m not into being limited anymore. Are you?

Remember the illusion will do what it does best – which is to threaten you where you are still attached. But it’s also a sign that the light is right around the corner – and the illusion knows it!

Cancel your subscription to deception. And may you go full on into your unified presence of peace!

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