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EP #35 : How Who You Are Creates More Beauty in the World

By October 9, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

We all have passion that can bring about more beauty for the world. But we can be removed from making our spirit real by being absent from our own life.

If we are lucky, we have today and can be fully present with that.

When we live here in the now we can also discover how much anxiety about the future and or depression of the past is waiting be relieved in us. How those worries have a potential home in you.

But, being here in the now is more possible through a good and consistent meditative practice.

When you are doing this, being centered and peaceful, that goodness that is here and available to you now, can be received so much more easily.

You have the opportunity to feel good as if you’ve already arrived at that future place of your desire.

Peace is confidence in being what you are. But our task is to catch ourselves in the act of aggression around our heart’s desires.

Your precious human life always exists always in now. But a warrior recognizes that we don’t have forever.

So have reverence for the fortune that is “you” incarnate and paint with the brush of your life something good to discover the tangibility of your true wealth.

We live in a world where we are being reminded that we are superheroes. You are innately complete as a radiant being. Through the practice of mindfulness and mediation we drop that which is in the way to uncover this inherent completeness.

And we rediscover our light.

Then we have the ability to arrive in full here on the Earth and be the change we seek.

And from that point we no longer sit in waiting for other beings from across the galaxy to come and save us or lift us up. We do it ourselves.

And when we do it ourselves we become equals to any advanced civilization or life form visiting us.

Arrive here in your full nature – now!

And to do this – you don’t need permission. You don’t need permission to be a light being! You are the permission you’ve been seeking.

Come back to the Earth in fullness today and shine as bright as you are!

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