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EP #34: The Responsibility of Wielding Hypocrisy

By September 30, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

We miss the opportunity to be the change in the world we seek when we ignore issues within our reach to transform. But you can turn that around today!

One of the first steps to getting along with people is to actually try!

We can easily see what’s wrong with our world. That wish we have in our hearts for “others” to get their act together and create more peace.

But ignoring our very own neighbors, community, and issues that are within our reach to make different is not the way.

So we face the moment of being a hypocrite. One who complains and wishes for a better world, yet perpetrates ignorance on those closest to us.

You do one or the other.

You either live in a world where you truly recognize and live that we are in fact one.

Or you live in a world where you believe that some people are good and some people are bad.

That some people are from source and deserve your love, and some people are not from source and deserve your attack.

The violence outside of you exists because you continue it within yourself.

And so we seek in our mindfulness meditation practice to become the warrior of peace. The vanquisher of hypocrisy in our own lives. And command a new world to begin whereby an enlightened society is possible because we make it so.

There’s only one planet and we’re in it together.

We are ONE – play by that rule, not just sometimes – but all the time and then see how everything shifts.

End your hypocrisy of wanting a different world yet not doing anything about it!

Love you!

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