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EP #33 : Utilizing Anger as an Opportunity for Unlocking Liberation

By August 17, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

Anger. Let’s get real with it and end any paradox that can come up for us of having anger, or inner conflict, while being deep on a path. Liberation is waiting!

We can cause ourselves pain when we are angry because we think we shouldn’t be.

But truly, anger is an opportunity for what is next in line to being handled on the way to re-establishing a truth and foundation of inner peace for ourselves.

How may you take the bull by the horns in owning your feelings and rooting out any agreement to reality that is causing you inner conflict?

A conflict that may be buried deep within your body’s operating system.

And when we are in anger about another person or situation, we ultimately do ourselves the most harm. From the original moment to the amount of times we repeat its story in our head and how that affects our well being.

Now how do we relieve the agreement that is generating the pain?

Anger is needing to be relieved through the courageous act of forgiveness.

In our mindfulness mediation, through the process of forgiveness, we give ourselves that opportunity to witness how we are giving power to the past.

We must catch the moment where we continue to spend our power on the previous events of life or on our projections and anxieties of the future.

As well as where we can make others more important than ourselves when we give them our power.

The equality of the universe is in your favor.

Get back into quality control over the use of your potent creative thinking. Powerful people don’t play a losing game. Spend your power in a new way that is free, open, and wise.


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