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EP #32 : Balancing the Cruel Ego and Aligning It with Our Eternal Heart

By August 2, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

Are you a slave to the abusive side of your identity? Our task in this mindfulness meditation is to catch the complainer and reconnect it to source.

Let’s dive into the vast topic of ego! We all have two identities – the eternal/pre-birth one and the one that is formed from the karma of the times in which you live.

Our Earth bound identity is two fold. Both good and a disservice, or a contradiction to who you really are. The good part helps you navigate the world, and the other one can be a tyrant that causes you harm.

Though, our identity forged in reaction to life and domestication brings us the exact lessons of our unfolding wisdom.

You must get a compassionate hold on that side of you – not through control – but through a healthy internal dialogue.

And, does your identity expect more that what is possible in the moment? May we sit down and listen to the root cause of all aspects of ourselves so that they are healed, satisfied, and integrated.

It’s been said that the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. But how can we appreciate it for it’s skill set and place it into balance with the rest of our life? And how do we keep alive that which is intrinsic to our passionate expression and aliveness when our ego has been trained to dominate and protect ourselves?

Check your horrible master at the door – yet at the same time, don’t kick them out of the house. Your identity, your ego, your mind, is here to help you navigate this existence. Let your heart, that is connected to your eternal truth, be the one who leads.

Through your practice you can reconnect to who you are, before you became an “I” and form a holy union between your truth eternal and your temporal identity. Have them work together harmoniously and make sure they love each other. Because this dance between your now and the eternal doesn’t last forever – so enjoy it!

We want a happy family inside of us. And through that work, we have a happy world outside of us! It’s one and the same!

Let us know what you think of this episode and how you may have struggled with balancing the many sides of your temporal identity on the website or on our Facebook page!


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