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EP #30 : Stop the Act of Using the World to Not Be Who You Are

By July 19, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

Feel your natural impulse of human expression, cease your fixation on a world that was handed to you, and learn to play again directly from your heart!

What do we do with the intense levels of violence in the world right now? What might we do to better the life of another in these hard times? And where can we best play in world that needs our care and concern?

In a social climate that seeks to degrade someone as the “other,” all of us must begin to see that we are united through our common connection to existence itself. That perpetrators of violence use their cultural description of the world as an excuse to harm another beings liberty.

There are many inventive ways that each of us can participate, create, and invent suffering. “Do not use the world as an excuse for your suffering,” is a phrase that I’ve been saying lately. When we refer to the external first, as our cue to what is possible, it becomes a highly limiting life at best.

Let us see how to end negotiations with the outside world and begin to feel our natural impulse of expression again. Moment by moment. No longer using the world as an excuse as to the way we are and catching ourselves in the act when we begin to describe ourselves in limiting terms or in relation to things “out there.”

It takes energy to do all this. To uphold our inherited description of the world. Through a mindfulness and mediation practice, we can arrive at a world that none of us may have never been to before. Somewhere fresh, exciting and direct.

What comes up from this, is the question: Where do we really exist when our attention isn’t hooked on the outside world? There a delicious place waiting for us to come to again. Aligning ourselves to this means a chance at being beyond our descriptions of the world and what we can do here.

It also asks: Have you ever even arrived at your true self when we’ve all been so entranced and engaged with a life that was just handed to us? Become the witness again and know what is true to you.

Deconstruct those filters you have over the world. And cease to use them as an excuse to not be who you are in your heart.

Let us know what you think of this episode, on the website or on our Facebook page and how you may have used your description of the world to limit what you do in this life!

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