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EP #29 : Boosting the Economy of Our Inner Power and Truth

By July 10, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

Take a daily inventory of how you spend your personal power and reclaim unconscious energy expenditures by remaining in your heart’s true expression.

In this mindfulness mediation episode you are reminded that you have an internal navigation system. When we ignore it, we are in trouble. Being in alignment with your internal power guidance means actively choosing your true direction and expression -at all times.

Going with your inner flow requires some good listening on your part in order to see how you are applying your energy daily. Is it on tune with what your heart is telling you? Part of liberty is your ability to freely choose what you engage with. Time to re-engage with that which makes you passionate in your time here on Earth.

Another question we will look at is: who’s power do you want to be on? An external power grid that comes with a tax? Or the internal/eternal power of your truth? It’s always a choice. Always.

But what can interfere with our personal alignment is outside Influence. How much do we hold back our impulses of personal expression when we wish to please others or fit in to a culture thats ignoring our truth and needs? Being influenced by other peoples options is no way to live.

A question to ask your self is: how much power am I leaking when I consider the opinions of others? Taking an inventory of how we spend our personal power on fitting in or being defensive is essential to understanding our own inner economy – The economy of our inner power.

Turn up the volume on that dynamic rainbow machine that you are! Our assumed need to fit in is a drain on our truth.

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