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EP #27 : The Earth Needs Us to Heal Our Relationship to the Feminine

By May 23, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

When we suppress the energy of the feminine, both within men and within women, we lose our connection to the earth. There cannot be a healthy planet until this balance of equality is restored. This is the core wound of our times. There is an indoctrinated war on the feminine and it's time to recognize it, deal with it, and heal it.

Whether it started 10,000 years ago with the rise of agrarian cultures, or not, we're living in its denial today. What do you “do” about it? Paradox is, what do you “be” already? What do you receive in the silence of your meditation? What do you allow in your life? What are you listening to and believing before you take your masculine energy and “do” in the world?

Yes you are a man or yes you are a woman but you have both energies in you and one must come before the other. And that is the feminine. Otherwise we will not have a connection to the earth, we will not have a connection to consciousness, we will not have a connection to life.

Join me on the topic of all topics – and let’s figure this big one out and how we can begin to build receptor sites in our own body when we mediate on the feminine side of ourselves and heal the world.

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