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EP #26 : How to Not Do Your Life and Receive What You May Already Be

By May 11, 2016May 26th, 2020Podcast

Welcome to the great unlearning that is your life! You were trained to do. But that is not how humanity is going to make it going forward. What if we have been limited as to what it means to be human?

Potentials that have nothing to do with commerce. An ever expanding economy sold to us in the name of progress is such a cap on what human life is about. Meditation can be an incredible tool to discovering what matters more to you than what has been handed down to you as “they way it is.” It is a “not doing” in this world that returns us to our fundamental state, or innate Buddha nature. All this aggressive doing has us so wound up. Let us give ourselves the change to re-learn how to receive again. To “not-do” life, but to allow it to arrive for us. To come back into inner and outer balance with the primal forces of both the feminine and the masculine. It’s a set of muscles we need to re-develop. Productivity is not your only purpose and potential here! Dream a different dream!

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  • Susan says:

    I met Wes at Joshua Tree Music Festival as he was giving a workshop. He speaks with knowledge and Clarity and is an instrumental force for the Consciousness Revolution (which of course is delivered through peace). Highly recommend this podcast, his work, and support for this beautiful individual.
    Susan Frailey

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